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Health Care

Our project approach consists of building on the strengths of an existing organization as it seeks to evolve into a new facility. Integration of the "latest" technology or methodology can be disruptive and counter productive if staff and operational management do not support the well-intentioned improvements.

The cornerstone of our approach methodology rests on a thorough understanding of operational procedures, objectives, and limitations of the facility. To this end, we propose to conduct a series of interviews with synthesis of operational criteria, spacial relationships and building impacts in mind. We tour existing facilities or other installations with staff to elicit the staff's concept of what will work for them.

From the foundation established in the fact finding and information gathering, activities above, we develop a "shopping list" of spaces, facilities, equipment, activities, and systems. The "shopping list" will be presented with a cross reference to their pro's, con's and costs to facilitate the initial basis of selection or rejection of the myriad of choices that inevitably occur. The programmers and designers on our team posess numerous years of experience in multiple and large scale project design experience.