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Johnson Jones has a proven and effective system for simultaneously managing a diverse range of multi-million dollar projects and smaller design intensive projects. Over the last five years the Firm has completed an average of $60,000,000 in construction each year. Our average project size is $5 to $35 million of which we typically have 3 to 5 projects active concurrently, and our staff size ranges between 20 and 35 people with an average team size of 3 to 4 people. Given our current project load and staff size, we can commit to new projects and service them well in the process.

Johnson Jones is structured to "service its clients". We attempt to be as knowledgeable in the concerns of our clients as we are in the business of architecture, planning and interior design. We recognize that our client's physical environment needs and desires are inescapably tied to financial concerns of budgets, economic projections, schedules, life cycle costs and design sensitivity.

Our primary project objective is to identify with our clients, their present and future physical needs. Once defined, we design to meet and exceed expectations within budget contraints.

Our professional objective is to strike that harmonious balance between short and long-term costs, function, design and technology, which characterizes a successful building.

We emphasize:
-  the behavioral/human engineering aspects of design
-  the environmental context of design solutions
-  the financial consequences of our solutions
-  state-of-the-art technological solutions
-  design and creativity