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Health Care


Location: Plainfield, New Jersey
Client: Plainfield Community Health Center

Capacity: 35 exam rooms
32,000 sq.ft.
Total cost: $7 mil.
Complete: May 1996


Project Description:

The design of the facility is based on a “distributed waiting area” approach that pivots around a central core where circulation patterns are readily apparent and patients can be monitored. Patients and their families enter the building through a skylight lobby into a two story spacious reception/ waiting area. The main waiting area is surrounded above by windows and a skylight that warms the interior with cascades of natural light; creating a bright, airy environment for patients and staff. The central core waiting area activities include billing, appointments, routing and consultation. Clinical Departments grouped around the core contain their own waiting areas and are identified by color coded graphic signage that reinforces circulation routes.

The Health Center will house; OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, Triage, Podiatry, Radiology, Laboratory, Dental, Administrative Staff, Physicians and Social Services Offices. Each clinical area is intended to operate independently and incorporate some expansion capabilities, i.e. offices that can be turned into examination rooms, flex offices, and future expansion areas. The second floor is reserved for administration, financial, and staff facilities. The lower level contains service areas with provisions for the future.

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