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Final Report As of 9/10/06 
20th Annual Free School Supply Giveaway
Roger K. Cassett “Back To School Jam” August 26, 2006

On Saturday, August 26, 2006 we hosted the 20th Annual Free School Supply Giveaway-Roger K. Cassett “Back To School Jam” here at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church.  As a church we benefited in the following ways:

Courier News August 4th, 16th, 23rd & 25th ,
Reached 150,000+ readers

(2) 4ft X 8ft Banners in front of the Church
Viewed by 160,000+ cars

68,000 Flyers
Our flyer was distributed in over 100 churches. The flyer was also seen each week on the video screen at Cathedral 2nd Baptist in Perth Amboy

35,000 E-mail Readerships
We actually heard from people in 100 communities in  New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Over fifty (50) Companies & Community Partners assisted us in this effort .Most of these Partners have committed to returning to future St. Marks Events. Sponsors hired St Mark’s students for summer employment. Those students collectively earned over $12,000. Some of the students will retain their jobs part time when school resumes

175 individuals volunteered over 1,600 total hours towards this event. Every volunteer was extremely important!! Special Thanks go out to Dudley House for their help during the event

9,000 children were pre-registered for the event from 71 communities. We completed over 1,200 registrations on the day of the event totaling over 7,000 children. The Welfare & Social Services Agencies of Union, Somerset, .Middlesex & Essex Counties were included in this total. We assisted over 30 other Houses of Worship. My 2006 favorite group is the School for the Deaf in New Providence

Back To School Jam
Donated 50 disposable & 1 digital camera’s to the church
Benefiting the AGAPE Summer Camp
Donated 87 newer padded folding chairs to the church
Donated 7 tables to the church
Donated Gift Cards & a DVD Player to the Enchanted Afternoon
Donated Carpet Cleaning Services to the church
Provided a large scale event a no cost to the church
Ultimately, I believe that the “Back To School Jam” has assisted the entire St. Mark’s Church Family in achieving our goal of Community Outreach and Service to others.
May God Continue to Bless You,
Martin P. Cox

Bags of School Supplies
We packed bags in advance for Preschool & Kindergarten, 1st to 3rd grades, 4th & 5th grades an d 6th to 12th grades. If a parent and child/children went to each sponsor they could take home 40 to 50 items for school per child. Stone Square Lodge #38 donated & distributed 100 book bags to children between 1st to 4th grade. Back to School Jam donated 25 book bags to the School for the Deaf in New Providence to benefit children between the ages of 3 to 5. Over 18,000 children benefited from the Plainfield event and received the following:

250,000 Pencils
90,000 Crayons
60,000 Notebooks
54,000 Report Folders
36,000 Pens
20,000 Packages of Filler Paper
12,000 Rulers
2,000 Glue Sticks
522,000+ Total Items were distributed
Plus Corporate logo items from the Sponsors